Basmati Rice 

Basmati Rice is uniquely identified by its fragrance, long grains and authentic flavour, meaning that it is the perfect accomplishment to a variety of popular cuisines from India and Pakistan. Once cooked, the delicate grains expand and remain separate, while exuding a delightful fragrance.
Truly a tempting invitation for the perfect meal.


Jasmine Rice 

Jasmine rice is often referred to as fragrant or aromatic rice due to its distinctive flavour and rich aroma when cooking.  Known for its whiteness and silkiness, this fluffy rice is frequently used in ethnic dishes, particularly Thai and Chinese.  


Risotto Rice 

This type of rice has a large, fat grain with a starchy surface and has the ability to absorb a lot of liquid and flavour without losing any of its structure during the slow cooking process of risotto dishes. Our Loto and Arborio rice can be used for risotto and is also ideal for other Mediterranean meals such as paella and stuffed vegetables. St. Andrea rice is a variety known and consumed in many international markets with its medium length but wider, full-bodied kernels, it characterises the typical and prestigious Italian rice.  It is suitable for any type of traditional dishes, the perfect choice whenever you want to try something simple and delicious.


Rice Blends 

Ebrofrost is able to provide you with a range of rice blends from wild rice mixed with white rice, to a unique whole grain combination like brown rice, wild rice and red rice, which gives you a nutritious, unique, chewy texture and delicious nutty flavour.  All of which create an enticing mixture of colours, textures and tastes. 


Long Grain Rice 

Ebrofrost produces a large range of long grain rice products, which extends from plain white and yellow rice to rice mixed with oils and spices. In collaboration with our customers, we are able to find the right product in order to create the base for a great meal.