Company profile

Who is Ebrofrost Denmark A/S?

Ebrofrost Denmark A/S is a leading international business-to-business supplier of pre-cooked IQF Rice, Grains and pasta to the food industry, with particular focus on the Ready Meal market. The company was founded in 1993 in Ørbæk, Denmark as Danrice A/S, on the basis of a patented continuous cooking and freezing process, a process which handles all varieties of rice and grains. In fact, we are renowned in the industry for having the widest product range of IQF rice and an extensive range of IQF Grain products.

The process starts with a general physical cleaning, followed by a gentle cooking in hot water just below the boiling point. After the cooking process, the product is chilled and drained before the individual freezing takes place.  This is followed by a fully automated weighing, packing and palletizing process. It is a fully automated continuous production process constantly overseen by our experienced operators and controlled by our Quality staff.

We are accredited against BRC Global Standard, version 7.

In 2004 our company became part the Ebro Foods Group, and formed a joint venture with Keck Spezialitäten in 2013, to form Europe’s largest independent supplier of IQF Rice, Pasta and Grains under the Holding Company Ebro Frost GmbH.

In 2014 Ebrofrost installed a new high capacity fresh pre-cooked frozen pasta nests line. The line has a capacity of 6000t / year and is placed in Denmark.

In 2018 our company changed our name from Danrice A/S to Ebrofrost Denmark A/S to clearly signal the alliance under the Ebrofrost umbrella.

We also have a Ready-to-Eat (RTE) assortment for the salat and chilled foods industry.

In 2019 our Company got certified in accordance with the BRC standard to produce Ready-to-Eat (RTE) products for the salad and chilled foods industry.